Are you a natural born leader? Are you passionate about the importance of education in delivering a more equal society?  Do you believe you have the wisdom to guide and nurture talented young individuals? If so, you’re just the person we’re looking for.

We value our mentors highly and therefore provide full training and support, in order for them to not only have the best impact on their mentees but to grow and develop as young professionals.

We are looking for committed individuals who have the people skills and educational track record to be a positive influence on our students through our mentor programme. For more details on the role requirements, view our job description: BE Education Mentor Role JD

To apply for a position as mentor please download our Mentor Application Form and send it to us at


Are you an inspirational teacher with a passion for your subject? Do you want to turn your hand to teaching in an exciting, innovative context with the acute purpose of addressing social inequality? Do you have the experience and drive to be a positive influence on both our staff and students? If so, please do not hesitate to apply for a position.

We believe in our teaching and learning model and feel we are structurally set up in such a way that will reap rewards for our students. However, we appreciate that our personnel are pivotal to this development and, as such, aim to deliver outstanding practitioners for our students. For more details on the role requirements, view our job description: BE Education Teacher Role JD

To apply for a position as a teacher download our Teacher Application Form and send it to us at


Are you looking to give back to the community and nurture the development of up and coming leaders? Do you want to play your part in ensuring greater equality for intelligent individuals with high potential from under-represented backgrounds? Will you help us achieve our vision of a more meritocratic society in which talent, rather than socio-economic background, is the definitive determinant of access to high level employment?

If you believe in our cause we would truly value your support. As competition for jobs is ever-increasing in the current climate, now more than ever, the maxim, “It’s not what you know but who you know applies” Your willingness to invest your time, knowledge and experience into our students will be invaluable to them as they begin making their first forays into the world of work.

To become a professional mentor please contact us at


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Our cause is shared by a host of organisations whose breadth of research and willingness to collaborate with us helps us ensure that everything we do is based on sound evidence and delivers maximum impact on our service outcomes.


We extend our thanks to them all:

The Social Mobility Foundation

The Amy Winehouse foundation

Teach First

Education Endowment Foundation

The Advocacy Academy


The Sutton Trust

Sixth Sense

Achievement For All

Debate Mate

Career Ready


The Wings of Hope

Fair Education Alliance