Partner with us to develop the next future leaders. We understand that the responsibility for nurturing talent involves a range of different stakeholders, which is why collaboration is at the heart of everything that we do. Our partnerships make our vision for the future possible.


We work closely with primary and secondary schools to increase attainment and progress levels in line with the new accountability framework. Our long term aim is to drive up levels of social mobility so we work with schools to provide the additional support that highly able students need in order to achieve upward trajectory through to university and employment. See How We Work…

We provide our school partners with data taken from termly student assessments measuring their progress against baseline data. The data and reports we collate on each student can then be used for Ofsted inspections to evidence the measurable impact of our support in view of pupil premium and Attainment/Progress 8.

Finally, we are job creators! We are always on the look-out for talented Sixth Formers or alumni undergraduates who have the track record, personality and character to inspire those next in line to achieve similar success.

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We partner with independent schools in order to bring highly able students from all walks of life together. By forming these networks we aim to set up a space in which the future leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow can begin an early dialogue and connection.

We know that leadership quality is not solely formed in the classroom and seek to develop the next generation of leaders by exposing them to a range of experiences and team-working opportunities that will enhance their soft skills, as well as their social and cultural capital. With this in mind we are always looking to partner with independent schools with a strong extra-curricular ethos engendering experiential and holistic education.

Ways of working with us:

  • Identify groups of young students who can work collaboratively with our students on agreed social action projects.
  • Suggest aspiration-raising activities that our students could attend e.g. residential trips/events/talks/extra-curricular classes.
  • Nominate Year 11, Sixth Form and alumni students committed to our cause who are able to mentor young, aspiring students from less advantaged backgrounds.
  • Any other form of support.

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We want our students to dream big and achieve highly in a whole range of different sectors – business, education, law, media, politics, science, etc.

Aspiration is a powerful driver and arguably the most precious thing an individual can have, since their level of success is dependent on how clear their vision is. With this in mind, we want to give our students an insight into the world of work at the earliest stage possible. We therefore promote frequent interactions with professionals and host events in collaboration with our corporate partners.

We hope these experiences will deliver an epiphany moment for our students as they find the inspiration that will encourage them to go on to take the steps needed to pursue their preferred career.

Equally, we foster links with our corporate partners so that we can work together to ensure that upon completion of their formal education, our students are ready to start adding value within their chosen professional organisations from the outset, having had a head start though the various insight events.

Ways of working with us:

  • Host trips/industry insight sessions, etc.
  • Provide access to premises/facilities to bring industry specific extra-curricular projects to life.
  • Mentor our students to help them acquire the information, advice and guidance that will help them in their journey to employment.


We welcome support in all forms so if you believe in what we are doing and wish to help us prosper in addressing our cause please get in contact with us at