How we work


Our Saturday Clubs are a hive of activity in which students have the chance to engage in high level academic and personal development learning experiences facilitated by our highly skilled teachers, mentors and partners.

Over the course of the 36 weeks students are taken through a wide array of activities that enable them to express their full academic and creative capabilities.

Our academic & personal curricular are linear in structure, allowing students to draw links on prior Phase learning, applying their deepened knowledge and skill within the different contexts they encounter as they progress through each phase.

Structure of the day:

Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of what we do, so we offer a diverse array of learning opportunities through a mix of teacher-centred and learner-centred approaches. Our refined curricular models are intellectually rigorous, consolidating prior learning, addressing gaps and extending knowledge beyond the national curriculum.



In English students develop a greater understanding of self, society and the wider world as they move through each phase of the curriculum, honing their analytical and creative writing skills through the study of a range of culturally diverse texts and literary theoretical approaches.



In Maths students enhance their numerical skills and procedural fluency through our context driven Financial Literacy curricula. Alongside this, students are taken through the Maths Challenge, encountering a variety of problems in line with the new combination of skills testing method.

Raising students’ social and cultural capital is fundamental to what we do. It is the first step in enhancing their level of aspiration and, in turn, their level of application. We know that well-being is central to sustained success both at school and beyond so in collaboration with our partners, we support our students in developing the crucial soft-skills that will shape them into highly competent and versatile individuals who are able to persevere and deal with the challenges they will encounter in their lives.

During the entire 36 weeks students engage in a range of different experiences that helps them develop their emotional intelligence, whilst enhancing their creative capacity.

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How we work


How we work


How we work