B.E. Education is a social enterprise that came into being to deliver a sustained and coordinated response to the educational and social inequality that exists within the UK. We work in partnership with schools, parents and professional organisations to offer high ability state school students a holistic educational experience that raises their level of aspiration, attainment and well-being.

Committed to delivering an educational provision that promotes and addresses the social mobility issue, we offer students the additional academic and personal support needed to confidently navigate the key transition points in their school careers on the way to gaining entry to the most selective universities in the country.

Education is a social leveller and has the power to transform lives. Talent is talent and it is our core belief that the journey from school to high level employment must be less about socio-economic background and more about individual qualities, giving rise to greater representation and equality within all employment sectors. Through our programmes we set out to inspire our students to dream big in the belief that they can go on to become our future leaders and innovators.

Collaboration is central to establishing our core belief. We therefore believe wholeheartedly in the value of uniting talented students from state and independent schools since the journey to excellence is one they will take part in together. Through these partnerships we help high ability state school students access the additional extra-curricular opportunities their equally gifted independent peers receive. We set out to close the attainment gap that exists between advantaged and disadvantaged students at the top end of GCSEs and A Levels respectively, as we work to bridge the pervading aspiration gap.

In short, we help students believe, achieve and become the leaders of tomorrow.


We envisage a society in which talent and effort become more consistently synonymous with future success, rather than the socio-economic background of an individual.


To provide high ability state school students with equal access to the extra-curricular opportunities that develop the knowledge, skills and confidence that promote upward mobility.



We are fully committed to delivering on our specific and long term goals.


We constantly perform to the best of our capabilities and maintain high standards.


We understand, value and appreciate each of our students as autonomous individuals.


We work together with others to affect sustained change on a wider scale.




We are dedicated to promoting a society in which talent and hard work are rewarded above all else; one in which the brightest students, regardless of where they start out, go on to make great contributions within their chosen careers and lead fulfilling lives. We do not want the brightest students in the country at 11 years of age becoming a “missing talent” statistic by the age of 16 simply because of their background.

Our aim is to ensure students have achieved both relative and absolute social mobility by the time they have completed university and made their first ventures into the world of work. This will not only be of benefit to them but to society as a whole. The advantages of greater pluralism and diversity within the most esteemed professions are marked, as new ways of thinking, collaborating and leading give rise to the innovations that promote economic growth, technological advancement and social cohesion.

“As an educator I know that taking a holistic approach, as BE Education clearly aim to do, gives each student the best chance to excel, both academically and emotionally. For many students, the extension activities provided by organisations such as this can be pivotal in creating the daring, ambitious and intellectually engaged students that we all love to teach, as well as fostering a thoughtful approach to life in the citizens of the future.”

Dr Cindy Becker, Associate Professor at The University of Reading

Investing in the generation of young people, who require the additional support necessary to become our future leaders, is of paramount importance. We appreciate that tackling the social mobility issue needs a coordinated approach if progress is to be made, which is why we work multilaterally with schools from both education sectors, parents and other professional organisations. Find out more about our partnerships.





We understand that the responsibility for nurturing talent involves a range of different stakeholders, which is why collaboration is at the heart of everything that we do. Our partnerships make our vision for the future possible.



In order to challenge and inspire our students to desire and achieve success we intend to bring them into contact with exceptional individuals. We are constantly on the lookout for mentors, teachers and professionals who can unleash this potential.


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